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Conservatory Re-Roofs

by Quayside Conservatories

Conservatory Re-Roof

Conservatory Re-Roof

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by Quayside Conservatories I

s your existing conservatory feeling a bit tired, or no longer fits the requirements you had in mind when it was built? Maybe you have inherited a conservatory, or your home has outdated, badly performing windows and doors?


lass technology has come on impressively over the last few years with glass which can achieve u. values of 1. Light transmission of 32%, solar heat reflection of 78%, self cleaning properties, etc. What this all means is that Quayside Conservatories offer a refurbishment and upgrade service which would normally involve replacing the roof panels with a modern, more energy efficient alternative. This will enable you to re-create a space which you should then be able to use all year around.


t is also possible if you wish to replace your existing roof with one which is ‘solid’ to take off the existing roof to headplate height and build a new ‘tiled’ effect roof.