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For all your Orangeries, Lantern Roofs, Conservatories, Garden Rooms, Greenhouses, Windows & Doors

Every effort has been made to design and finish all products in a manner which minimises and simplifies any unnecessary maintenance routines.

Our roof systems use insulated glass units or polycarbonate panels held in place with powdercoated aluminium roof cappings providing for a very low maintenance schedule only involving cleaning with appropriate cleaning solutions.

Quayside Conservatories use only modern microporous finishes on our products, allowing the timber to breathe and reducing the maintenance requirement to a minimum. To maintain appearance, the external surfaces should occasionally be washed down with warm soapy water. The recoating period may vary due to exposure conditions, but should not be required until after 5 years initially. Recoating is a simple procedure involving a light key-up of the surface with a scotchbrite pad or similar, followed by a wipe down to remove dust, grease, etcand then an application of one coat of Teknos Aquatop 2600 in the appropriate colour (available from Quayside Conservatories or Teknos UK). Please note that if recoating is left too long then it is possible that more than one coat may be required.

All glass surfaces should only be cleaned with an appropriate proprietary cleaner. Do not use any type of abrasive cleaner.

Internal timber surfaces need only to be maintained by cleaning and polishing with normal household wax polishes. Do not use silicone based products.

All ironmongery (locks, handles & hinges) need to be lightly lubricated on a regular basis in order to ensure trouble free services.

Ventilation, particularly in the summer months is extremely important and should be considered a feature of a maintenance routine. The temperature inside a conservatory if kept closed can easily soar causing excessive thermal stress to components and should be avoided.

All materials used are selected , designed and installed to take account of normal expansion & contraction, however it must be remembered that timber is a natural material (hence its beauty) and is therefore prone to movement.

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